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Tank Trouble 6

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tank troubleTank Trouble 6 is an online game which consist of settings which requires one to destroy your opponent’s tank while moving the tank avoiding to collide with some objects which mat cause the game to end. Tanks Trouble can be played by several players willing to play (either two or three). Tank Trouble 6 is a very simple as long as you are able to follow its instructions and procedure to play the game.The player will be able to control the tank using the arrow key and shoot the opponents tank by the “M” key while the second player can use the “E, S, D or F” keys to move and use “Q” key to shoot the enemies tank. If there is a third player, he/she may use the mouse for movement and shooting the opponents. The more you avoid obstacles is the more you get pionts in your tally. As you avoid the obstacles one should be able to shoot the opponents tank. The more you play the more you keep opening several level of the game and putting up challenges as you proceed. It is also possible for one to destroy his/her own tank by either not handling well the missile or being shoot/fired by the opponents. Therefore you should avoid being fired or the game will be over. Tanks Trouble needs concentration, speed, and sharp mind and also be flexible. It also requires coordination and strategies. The game continues to get harder than the previous level which begins with only two enemies. To achieve this game, practicing is the solution for better as you keep opening new levels. If you really love games that are challenging, Tanks Trouble is the best online game that will challenge you and at the same time make you enjoy it .It is among the best game that gives people ability something and enjoy it. You can enjoy Tank Trouble 6 game at official website for free, just visit and play.

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